Welcome to National interest’s website!


Welcome to "National interest of Ukraine" Public Organization's website!

"National interest of Ukraine" Public Organization is a association of people which can see and understand that stormy activities to reform the country often are imitation.

Сorruption swallowed up our country completely but fight against corruption conducts only on paper and in pseudo-fighteres's stories. In actual fact those fights are only instrument of last's enrichment. They use unstable political situation and nomerous of them became the peculiar platform for illegal cashing and for order's implementation of lobbying interests anyone except citizens of Ukraine.  We must stop this situation!

Education, law enforcement authorities, medicine and economy are under the threat.

Our real mission is the research of processes inside our country, definition of  the  threats to the national interests of Ukraine and informing the citizens about the results of our work. We firmly believe that numerous politicians, public figures and organizations are not only useless from the point of view of national interests of our country but also detrimental for the citizens and Ukraine. Our mission is to impact on this situation in legal ways. We believe that all decisions, laws, processes, which take place in Ukraine must benefit the society!

Best regards, our team of “National interest of Ukraine” public organization.


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