Investigation: how the Antac is “working out” for the grantors` money

PO “National Interest of Ukraine” conducted thorough investigation regarding the activities on the territory of Ukraine the Public organization “Anti corruption action center”.
We revealed the scheme of withdrawal of funds in the controlled accounts of the physical persons entrepreneurs, executives, and their close environment.

Watch this movie, you can see clearly how much money went to the civil procedure code and under what programs. Or the results achieved. Also, you will be able to see the numbers financial rewards of the GO “Antac”, to learn about the rather dubious money transfers.

The purpose of this video is to inform the public and competent authorities of Ukraine concerning activities on the territory of Ukraine and public organizations, mimic violent activity, but in fact there are very well-founded suspicion concerning their performance, as conversion centers for the withdrawal of the grants in cash.

PO “National interest of Ukraine” does not stop this investigation. We know that in Ukraine there are many organizations which not only benefit the state but also significantly harm the national interests of Ukraine.

To be continued...


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