• Education - national priority!

  • We are for the interests of workers in the industrial sector!

  • We are grateful to those who give us bread!

  • We appreciate those who save lives!


Fundamentals of each state and the foundation of any country are based on fairness and justice.

Lao Tzu

When multiplying laws and orders, a growing number of thieves and robbers.

Gary Hart

If you do not wish to state stood behind you, pull his hands out of his pockets.


If you set an example of proper behavior, who would dare to continue to behave properly?

Cherchill Uinston

The best of possible combinations is the power and mercy and the worst is weakness and pugnacity.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The management should not be semi-responsible: it inevitably leads to concealment of waste and non-execution of the laws.

Hardley Havelock

Peace and tranquility can be attained only by means of monitoring and proper awareness among the population.

Bertrand Russell

A good society is a tool to help you live well those who enter into this society, not a union of people, which in itself has some special advantages.

The senior leadership of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Action Center has profited from sweetheart deals and kickbacks – Adam Ereli

"The senior leadership of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Action Center, which has received significant funding support from the U.S. government, has profited from sweetheart deals and kickbacks." - said the ex-ambassador of the United States to the Kingdom of Bahrain in his article in FOXNEWS . "Its (Anti-Corruption Action Center) Director, Vitaly Shabunin, earns $34,000 according to his tax filing.  I...


The Huffington Post: “National Interest’ Tells Ukraine Parliament NGOs Misusing Funds”

An NGO presented a case to Ukraine’s parliament this past Tuesday that alleged a prominent anti-corruption organization has been making use of U.S. aid money for personal use. National Interest of Ukraine (NIU), founded and managed by Executive Director Vasily Apasoff, argued that AntAC – the Anti-Corruption Action Center – has been taking grants from various governments and misreporting to donor...


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